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Gallantry Awards (Awarded to Ex-Cadets)

Board of Governors

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List of Shohadas

Gallantry Awards

Sword of Honour Holders

S. No. Name Awards
1 Lieutenant A. F. Khatlani (Shaheed) Sitara-e-Jurat
2 Captain Nadir Pervez Khan Sitara-e-Jurat
3 Lieutenant Hussain Shah (Shaheed) Sitara-e-Jurat
4 Major Bilal Ameen Baber Sitara-e-Jurat
5 Lieutenant Farooq Nawaz Janjua Sitara-e-Jurat
6 Lieutenant Ihsan Ullah Khan Sitara-e-Jurat
7 Major Zahid Yaseen Sitara-e-Jurat
8 Major M. Afzal Janjua Sitara-e-Jurat
9 Major Naeem Khan Sitara-e-Jurat
10 Captain Ahmed Bilal Sitara-e-Jurat
11 Lieutenant Iqbal Gondal Sitara-e-Jurat
12 Squadron Leader Mir Alam Khan Sitara-e-Jurat
13 Major Saeed Ismat Chaudry Sitara-e-Jurat
14 Captain Aftab Ahmed Sitara-e-Jurat
15 Captain Zahoor Ahmed Sitara-e-Basalat
16 Major Bilal Rana Sitara-e-Jurat
17 Major General M. Masood Aslam Sitara-e-Jurat
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