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Community Round-Up - Rawalpindi

Emergent And Sensitive Meeting Of Board Of Trustees And Eminent Abdalians.

20.06.2013, Lok Virsa

27.07.2013, Lok Virsa

An emergent meeting was called by president H.O.B.A on 27/7/2013 at 1700 hours in Lok Virsa.
A few eminent Abdalians were also invited. The deliberations were restricted to; the illegal act of raising of another alumni parallel to H.O.B.A, collection of funds and holding of annual general meeting. All present Abdalians assured their support to H.O.B.A and condemned the activities to weaken the HassanAbdal Old Boys Association. The Secretary General Captain (R) Nayyar Islam presented the brief of the situation. The President Syed Ashfaq Hussain gave his consent to the college administration to keep the meeting at any appropriate place and time.
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