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Shohada Monument

The desire & sounds of making Shohada Monument was in the air since the early 90s. However it came into agenda on 5th December, 1999 in a reunion at Cadet College, Hasan Abdal. The committee for the year 2002, gave impetuous, to the project. Those who did not want the committee to do so, started creating hurdles, and denied regarding the availability of any sort of designs.
Therefore the then Secretary General Captain Nayyar Islam, with the consent of the then President Syed Aqil Shah, made a design available, drawn by directorate G.H.Q under the supervision of Brigadier Khaleeq-Ur-Rasheed Kiyani (15th Entry) and by the next Annual General Meeting this beautiful structure was on the ground.
The Hasan Abdal Old Boys Association is highly obliged to the services of Lieutenant General M. Zubair, Brigadier Khaleeq-Ur-Rasheed Kiyani and all the others who have contributed their precious time and hard earned money. The old boys association itself maintains the monument.
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